Spring Accelerated Clinic

Your Children Will Be The First Ones

To Learn These New Techniques

Swim Into The Next Level

Every year I learn new, faster and more efficient ways to teach and I put these techniques in practice with a small group of swimmers at a very reasonable price, with the purpose of showing my instructors the new skills.

I take ONLY 10 swimmers of different levels. Because children learn so fast with me, the spots are limited and will fill up by fast.
But I just want to tell you that unfortunately, this is not for everybody. It is ONLY for parents that really, really want to give a big push to their children.

What can you expect of this 3 week clinic with me?

  • Your children will move up to the next level
  • You’re going to see amazing progress in every single lesson
  • Worth every penny X10

This is my promise and Guarantee: If by the end of the first week you are not impressed with the results, I WILL RETURN 100% OF YOUR MONEY, no questions asked.

PS. If you are not one of the first 10 people and can’t be part of this clinic, don’t worry because I will teach these techniques to my instructors and I will teach another clinic in November. But, if you want to have your children ready for this Summer, please don’t lose this amazing opportunity!


How many weeks? 3 Weeks (2 Times per Week)

Regular Price $299 early bird special IF PURCHASED BEFORE 3/25/2020 is $199 (25 Minutes lessons)

Regular Price $599 early bird special IF PURCHASED BEFORE 3/25/2020 is $299 (50 Minutes lessons)


  • No Make Ups
  • No Discount For Siblings
  • Mandatory Progress Book and Swim Cap According to Swim Level ($25 Extras in case you don't have it)
  • Cash or Check Only


  • 4:00 Level 1
  • 4:25 Level 2
  • 5:00 Level 3
  • 5:25 Level 4
  • 6:00 Level 5
  • 6:25 Level 6

CALENDAR (days offered)


APRIL 2,7,9,14,16,21


APRIL 1,6,8,13,15,20

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